Volunteers are the life blood of the ReStore.

What do volunteers do?  Anything and everything!

Volunteers often spend time telling the Habitat story and how the ReStore supports the building program.  Volunteers  accept donations, display and sell the merchandise.  They manage the displays on the sales floor and often do minor repairs and spruce ups to items.

Volunteers are needed to help with pick ups throughout the county.

If moving furniture isn’t something you can do, there’s jobs for volunteers that include telephone follow up, sales and simply being an ambassador in the store for Habitat.

Potential volunteers are invited to visit the ReStore during business hours to view, first hand, how the store operates. Call or email the ReStore Manager first to set up a time.

There are always projects around for a group of volunteers. If a group of friends, club or church group is interested in spending some time at the reStore, call for information.

There’s something for everyone to do at the ReStore. Shifts are generally 4 hours, either in the morning or afternoon. Everyone is welcome to join us – some volunteers have been known to invent their own job.

Hours:  Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday. 9 – 5

Phone:  970 423-7445

E-mail:  for the restore manager:

E-mail:  for restore donations,