Donations are accepted at the store – during regular store hours (see below.) You can also arrange for a pick up of your donation.

Please call the store to confirm that the ReStore will accept the donation or if you have any questions about donating and arranging for a pick up.

Items for donation must be clean, working and in good condition. They must also be saleable. The ReStore manager or staff cannot accept donations that don’t meet these standards.

Check with the front desk before you unload your vehicle.  Receipts for tax purposes can only be issued by the front desk at time of donation.

Please do not leave donations outside the store without letting the ReStore staff know.  That’s considered dumping and is prohibited by law.

If you’d like more information on donations, please contact the ReStore staff by phone or e-mail.

Store Hours:  Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday, 10AM to 5PM

Phone:  970 423 7445 email:

Location: 131 Blue River Parkway in Silverthorne