Habitat for Humanity – Summit County believes in the power of partnership.  Working together in this county we can achieve so much more that we could if we were working alone.

Family Selection Partners –

FIRC and the Summit Housing Authority, along with local churches, work with us to find qualified and interested families to partner in building and purchasing their own homes.

Building –

High Country Conservation Center has joined with us to find the most effective balance between energy efficiency, green building and those ever present budget constraints.

Various business and church groups have been signing up to sponsor a building day.

Fundraising –

In 2011, Burke and Riley’s sponsored our first annual mac-n-cheese bake off at the Breckenridge Golf Course Club House Restaurant. The Lodge at Breckenridge is graciously hosted our first fundraising effort of 2010.

ReStore –

Purchases at the ReStore generally stay in the county.  Some of our best customers are local employees of the ski resorts.

If you are interested in becoming a Habitat Partner, please email us at executivedirector@summithabitat.org.  We’re always looking for new partners on our job site and ReStore.